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“It Is Yet Too Soon to See All of Iran,” Says Spouse of Belarussian Ambassador to Iran.

Belarus is an east-European country which was formed in 1990 after the demise of the Soviet Union. The waterways of Belarus, prior to many aspects, are indicative of its history; the Dnieper enabled old-day merchants and adventurous Vikings to sail south towards the Byzantine Empire and the Dvina towards the Baltic-Sea region. The areas standing atop the two rivers made possible a connection to the Volga, which eventually led to the Caspian Sea, Iran and the Arab World. The country is three times larger than Belgium and the Netherlands and resides 160 miles away from the Baltic Sea. Almost 40% of the country’s soil is covered with forests and forestry ... Read More »

“Apitourism is Unique to Slovenia,” Says Slovenian Ambassador.

Following up on a three-year diplomatic trend, Slovenia managed to register May 20 at the UN as the World Bee Day and make it a point where the preservation and protection of pollinators, bees in particular, win the attention of various countries. On celebrating so, we found the opportunity to conduct an interview with the Ambassador of Slovenia to Iran on the importance of beekeeping and efficient use of bee products in a thorough manner which you may find below. Read More »

“Latvia supports the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA),” Believes Pēteris Kārlis Elferts.

Pēteris Kārlis Elferts

Pēteris Kārlis Elferts was born and raised in Seattle, the state of Washington in the US and began his career at the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Latvia in 1999. He has served in various posts such as Special Assignments Ambassador on the Renewal of Iraq, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Latvia to the Permanent Representation to the Council of Europe and Adviser to two Latvian Prime Ministers. In May 2018 he submitted his credentials to President Rouhani as Accredited Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to Iran, residing in Ankara, Turkey.  Read More »

“It Is Certainly Our Intention to Have an Embassy in Tehran,” Believes Brendan Ward.

Mr. Brendan Ward joined the diplomatic service of the Republic of Ireland in 1985 and after he finished his law studies in Trinity College, the University of Dublin. He had diplomatic postings at the Irish Embassy in Beijing, Buenos Aires and Cairo and also served as Political Adviser to the first EU Monitor Mission in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s and has served at Ireland’s Permanent Mission to the OSCE in Vienna. In February, 2015, he began his journey as Ambassador to Ankara and as of August, 2015 and after delivering his credentials to President Rouhani, he continued his mission as Accredited Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland to ... Read More »

Vika Mazwi Khumalo, “South Africa-Iran Ties Shall Remain Strong and Continuous.”

The re-imposition of the US sanctions has been followed by the stall of crude oil import from Iran to South Africa and its continuation has challenged the future plans of the new South African Ambassador to Iran. Such trend happens in spite of the fact that he believes by focusing on economic potentials in common, there could be new horizons in the economic sections between the two countries which can led to their continuous cooperation. Read More »

“I Remain Very Concerned for the Humanitarian Situation in Yemen,” Says ICRC President.

Peter Maurer was born in Thun, Switzerland, in 1956. He studied history and international law in Bern, where he was awarded a doctorate. In 2004 Mr Maurer was appointed ambassador and permanent representative of Switzerland to the United Nations in New York. In this position, he worked to integrate Switzerland, which had only recently joined the United Nations, into multilateral networks. In June 2009, the UN General Assembly elected Mr Maurer chairman of the Fifth Committee, in charge of administrative and budgetary affairs. In addition, he was elected chairman of the Burundi configuration of the UN Peacebuilding Commission. In January 2010 Mr Maurer was appointed secretary of State for foreign ... Read More »

“In Line with the EU, Lithuania Supports the JCPOA,” Underlines Audrius Brūzga

Mr. Audrius Brūzga is a prominent Lithuanian diplomat and a holder of various decorations such as Officer of the Legion of Honor (France) and Commander of the Order of Merit (Lithuania). He is currently Ambassador to Turkey and accredited to Iran. Mr. Brūzga believes that for many reasons, Iran can be considered by Lithuania as a modern area of interest, and apart from the overall attraction the Iranian culture and ancient Persian heritage offer, the official ties between Lithuania and Iran are a fledgling phenomenon that needs to be enhanced. He also underscores that the people of Lithuania still believe in the future of the EU and amongst the people ... Read More »

“Iran and Colombia Need to Interact with Each Other,” Says Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra.

Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra is a seasoned, prominent diplomat, politician and author who has parliamentary membership of his country on his background, and now serves as the Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia to Turkey and Accredited to Iran. As a professor, he teaches economic studies at various Colombian universities and has penned numerous pieces and books. In an interview with Mr. Saavedra, in addition to the importance of bilateral ties between Iran and Colombia, he stresses that the two countries can depict new horizons to expand the mutual relations and that he shall spare no effort in doing so. Read More »

“The main feature that distinguishes the government of President Miguel Diaz Canel is the continuity and fidelity to the legacy of Fidel and Raul” – says Cuban Ambassador to Iran.

In April 19, 2018, Miguel Diaz-Canel became Cuba’s President who was not a Castro for the first time in six decades. On the first round of his presidency, he promised to remain loyal to the values of the Socialist Revolution of Cuba, and further stressed the need to renovate the Cuban economy. To learn more of the Iran-Cuba ties in the days of the new President and how his election would affect the relations between Havana and Washington, we interviewed the new Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Iran, Mr. Alexis Bandrich Vega which you may find as follows. Read More »

An Understanding of the Role of Tim Tanitim Tehran LLC in Our Interview with Mr. Mehmet Ali ERKAN

In July, 2017, Tim Tanıtım Tehran LLC was opened after a speech by Turkey’s Minister of Economy, Nihat Zeybekci, and Iran’s Vice Minister of Industry, Khosrow Taj hosting a large number of the two countries’ businessmen in Tehran. During the ceremony, Minister Zeybekci stressed, “We are not just looking for investments in and exports to Iran, but we also plan to cooperate with Iranian businessmen and import raw materials and Iranian goods to Turkey.” To learn more about the effects of the establishment of this center on the economic ties between Iran and Turkey, we conducted an interview with the center’s manager in Tehran which you may find as follows. Read More »