Interviews with International Relations Experts

“Shahram Amiri Could Not Be a Spy after Returning to Iran,” Says Philip Giraldi

Philip Giraldi is a former CIA officer whose activates majorly focus on counterespionage. Girladi has a record of 19 years of service outside the US and worked in Germany, Italy and Turkey. He is currently the Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, which is a non-profit, non-partisan organization in the United States that works for “Middle East policies that serve the American national interest”. In an interview with Mr. Giraldi and given his background and relations he maintains with the CIA, a number of questions were asked and responded to on the nuclear case of Iran and Shahram Amiri, a nuclear scientist executed after being accused of ... Read More »

A Glance at US Foreign Policy toward Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia with Geoffrey F. Gresh

To analyze the US foreign policy approach toward the Middle East and the Gulf States, one must take a closer look at Obama’s famous 2009 speech in Cairo. Within his words, he committed to seek a new start between the US and the Muslims all over the world; one that hinges on mutual respect and interests, but his terms are coming to an end just when the Islamic world and the Middle East have become soil for new and rising challenges. Such recent challenges as the attempted coup in Turkey, including President Erdogan’s policies toward his opponents, Saudi Arabia’s support of the region’s Salafis, and the matter of the nuclear ... Read More »

“Mossad Recruited Jundallah Assets against Iran,” Says Prominent US Analyst

In a report published a few years ago by the US Foreign Policy, rays were shed on some secrets and behind-the-curtain tensions in the contacts the Israeli and American intelligence services had gone through back then. The report had it that some of the measures Mossad took were so impulsive which led to infuriating the then US President. The President could do almost nothing about it and Mossad officers were freely impersonating themselves as US secret service officers and established connections with Jundallah assets and other agents in Europe urging them to take action against Iran. Israeli sources spotted the writer of the report as Mark Perry, the prominent US ... Read More »

“Israel Shall Not Benefit from Syria’s Civil War,” Believes Jochen Hippler.

Dr. Jochen Hippler was the research fellow at institute for development and research from 1993 to 1995. Since 2001, he has been researching on political structure of Islamic countries especially their relationship with the west. His most recent published books are: Peaceful Change and Violent Conflict, the Next Threat; Western Perceptions of Islam and the Democratization of Disempowerment; the Problem of Democracy in the Third World. By traveling through Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and U.A.E he has analyzed the socio-political structures of the mentioned countries. During his last stay in Tehran, we interviewed him. Read More »

“In the US, No Rich Man Awaits Execution,” Underlines Abayomi Azikiwe.

Abayomi Azikiwe is a political analyst and the editor-in-chief at the Pan-African News Wire. He has been cooperating with freedom movements and thriving African and Caribbean governments for decades. Mr. Azikiwe continued his education in the realm of political sciences and has founded numerous organizations in Detroit and other parts of the United States. In an interview with him, we took a deeper loot at the role of the US in the developments in the Middle East and the relations with Iran. Read More »

“Mr. Rouhani Is Only Part of Iran’s Political Puzzle,” States Marina Diaz.

Ms. Marina Diaz Sanz is a member of London’s Institute for Middle East Studies and a professor of geopolitics and political science at the Complutense University of Madrid. Her vested interest in Iran’s culture and history has led her to conduct her studies on the impact of the post-revolutionary Iran in terms of its politics and geopolitics on the West. She has penned various articles and researches with the aim of analyzing the development trends of Iran after the Islamic Revolution. She further believes that Mr. Rouhani is only part of Iran’s political puzzle, and in that case, he is tasked with being a President for every single Iranian, not ... Read More »

“Rouhani Can Bring Back Stability to the Region,” Believes John Tirman.

John Tirman is a globally-known American theorist and expert of foreign politics who has been the Executive Manager at the International Institute of Technology of Massachusetts (MIT) since 2004. Of among his numerous international works, books and articles we can name his latest coauthored with Iran’s former Deputy FM, Abbas Maleki named “U.S.-Iran Misperceptions: A Dialogue”. Mr. Tirman pens for well-known publications such as the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, etc. Read More »