Interview With Spouses

“It Is Yet Too Soon to See All of Iran,” Says Spouse of Belarussian Ambassador to Iran.

Belarus is an east-European country which was formed in 1990 after the demise of the Soviet Union. The waterways of Belarus, prior to many aspects, are indicative of its history; the Dnieper enabled old-day merchants and adventurous Vikings to sail south towards the Byzantine Empire and the Dvina towards the Baltic-Sea region. The areas standing atop the two rivers made possible a connection to the Volga, which eventually led to the Caspian Sea, Iran and the Arab World. The country is three times larger than Belgium and the Netherlands and resides 160 miles away from the Baltic Sea. Almost 40% of the country’s soil is covered with forests and forestry ... Read More »

“I Love the Peace at Hafiz’s Tomb in Shiraz,” says Spouse of Malaysian Ambassador to Iran.

Dr. Sapardi is an international law Ph.D. holder from University of Newcastle, UK and is a known professor in her field in Malaysia who, between 2005 and 2007, was the Dean of the Law Faculty of MARA University of Technology. In the early 80s, she first met her husband on a flight and ever since, she has remained his best, most loyal companion. After her husband was sent as Malaysia’s Ambassador to Iran, she found life in Iran enjoyable enough to remember the country’s four seasons and magnificent nature, esp. colorful flowers and fragrant roses in the gardens. She also found peace in Shiraz at Hafiz’s Tomb which was something ... Read More »

“I Love Horse Riding,” Says Spouse of Czech Ambassador to Iran.

Mrs. Katerina Čumba was born in the city of Brno, which is believed to be the second largest, most-populated city in the Czech Republic. Brno is named to be an important place to offer professional training and higher education. Since early teenage days up to now, she has been interested in sports and music, and she got married to Mr .Svatopluk Čumba in a rather romantic manner. Despite her diplomatic postings before, she preferred to leave her job and spend her time raising and educating her children. We had the chance to know her as a professional horse rider and the spouse of the Czech Ambassador to Iran to have ... Read More »

“As a child, I Thought of Iran as the Magical Land of Shahrzad,” Says the Spouse of Indian Ambassador to Iran.

Mrs. Smriti Srivastav had a golden time growing up in the green, beautiful city of Bangalore, aka the Garden City of India, and finds her best moments and memories marked in the childhood house and among her family members. Owning an emotional, nice spirit, she walked down the aisle to marry Mr. Saurabh Kumar. She does not view her first meeting as love at the first sight and thinks of love as what smoothly paved its way into her life and found its place right after. Mrs. Srivastav enrolled at Dehkhoda Institute for Persian Language and learned Farsi in a year from their arrival in Iran, which has vastly contributed ... Read More »

“I Enjoy Meeting Iranian Women Who Believe in Themselves,” States Spouse of Austrian Ambassador to Iran.

Angelika Scholz was eager to learn as a kid and teenager and maintained her spirits up to the university levels. She believes the most beautiful moments of her childhood were marked when she spent time in the refreshing nature of Austria and still feels blessed when remembering those amazing days. She graduated in history and international relations, and after a while with the Austrian Daily DIE PRESSE became the press officer of the Austrian Universities Association, where she continues in the direction of the objectives the association has set to promote the role and goals of academies and universities in the economy and society. In an interview with her, she ... Read More »

“Iranian Women Are Surpassing Men,” Says the Wife of Turkey’s Ambassador to Iran.

Nazan Tekin was born in a religious family in Ankara. She studied international relations and enjoying a sociable, flexible spirit, she has played the highlighted role of a partner throughout the diplomatic career of her husband. Following the appointment of Mr. Hakan Tekin as Turkey’s Ambassador to Iran, she has had the chance to learn more of the Iranian society and women, and that has deeply affected her viewpoint toward the social position of the Iranian women. We had the honor to carry out a thorough interview with Mrs. Nazan Tekin at the Residence of the Turkish Ambassador in Iran which you may find below. Read More »

“I Enjoy Living in South Tehran,” Says British Ambassador’s Wife.

While the British Ambassador to Iran, Nicholas Hopton is interested in music and playing the guitar, his wife prefers to spend her time in the painting world. Mrs. Hopton believes her marriage to a diplomat has been fairly influential on their life as much as she views a diplomatic life as not particularly normal. Just as the traffic congestion in Tehran seems like a very serious issue, it is certain that living on Ferdowsi St. has been quite impactful on this family’s life, and in spite of the foresaid, Mrs. Echenique-Hopton loves living in Southern Tehran. Below is our interview with the Wife of the British Ambassador to Tehran, which ... Read More »

“Real Image of Iranian Women Cannot Be Found on Google,” States Ira Burdyliak.

The wife of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Tehran is one of her country’s most active media figures who, given her backboned perseverance, managed to take effective steps to drive her goals to effect. For years, she hosted morning programs on the Ukrainian national TV for which she finds endeavor and perseverance influential factors. In this interview, Mrs. Burdyliak not only describes her loving perspective toward life but also stresses the role of patience and selflessness in solidifying a marriage. As the wife of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Iran, she believes the people of the two countries do not have a clear image of one another and even the image of ... Read More »

“If You Want Freedom, You Have to Fight for It,” Says Jasna Baksic Muftic

Ms. Jasna Baksic Muftic has been Professor of School of Law at the University of Sarajevo since 2006. She teaches Legal theory, Structure of Law and Gender and Law. At the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies she teaches Gender, Human Rights and Mechanisms of Implementation. Before that she was a Teaching Assistant at the University of Sarajevo and taught courses on Theory of State and Law as well as Legal Clinic/Human Rights. Publications include the UNDP publication Sexual harassment in the private sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2012), the UN Women publication Gender sensitive budget (2012) and Socio-economic status of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina : an analysis of the results ... Read More »

“Tunisians Are Modern and Religious at the Same Time,” States Rym Basly Ben Salah

Considering its strategic North African location, Tunisia is a country of a three-thousand-year history that has witnessed a never-ending line of the comings and goings of different civilizations and cultures, which have turned it into a tourist-rich country. 99% of Tunisians are Sunni people of the Maliki School and there are over 5 thousand mosques in Tunisia, the most famous of which is Uqba ibn Nafi. To obtain a better understanding of the rituals and traditions as well as the country’s culture and society, we held an interview with Rym Basly Ben Salah, the Tunisian Ambassador’s wife in Tehran, which comes next. Read More »