Indian diplomat emphasizes on priority of Chabahar development

Indian diplomat emphasizes on priority of Chabahar development

Former Indian ambassador to Iran said the Indian government should, under the current circumstances, put forward the development of Chabahar Port, along with addressing issues such as the Afghan Peace Summit, AVA Diplomatic reports.

Regarding the start of the Taliban and Afghan political parties in Moscow, Tuesday, former Indian ambassador to Iran D.P Srivastava made an analysis on the developments in Afghanistan and India’s role in the Economist Times.

Srivastava believes that the issue of Afghanistan is very important for India and “We continue to support the government and people of Afghanistan, but given the geographical constraints, the Delhi government should focus more on the development of the Chabahar port.’

He was India’s Ambassador to Iran between 2011 and 2015, initiating talks on investment and development of Chabahar Port between India and Iran.

Srivastava says that, given the sanctions imposed on Chabahar Port by the United States, India should take advantage of this opportunity and complete the development of Chabahar port as soon as possible.

The former ambassador of India on the issue of Afghanistan and the new developments in the country said that India needs to continue its bilateral talks in addition to the Afghan government with other countries in the region, such as the United States, Russia and Iran.

According to the diplomat, current talks between political parties and the Taliban have weakened the government of Ashraf Ghani and ignored the process of democracy that Afghanistan has done well.

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