Tehran-Ankara ties beneficial for two countries, regions

Tehran-Ankara ties beneficial for two countries, regions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with new Turkish Ambassador to Tehran Derya Ors voiced his satisfaction at the status quo of the two countries’ relations, AVA Diplomatic reports.

‘Iran and Turkey have friendly relations and the great potentials for cooperation are the best opportunity to promote the relations between Tehran and Ankara to the desired level,’ President Rouhani said

The Iranian president underlined that relations between Tehran and Ankara are in the interest of both countries and the region.

President Rouhani received the credentials of the new Turkish ambassador and described the relations between Tehran and Ankara as a historical and fraternal, and said, ‘Today, the two countries’ views on the region and the world are politically very close and we are partners against terrorism and we agree with the development of bilateral relations.”

‘Today, Tehran’s relations with Ankara are more intimate, closer and deeper than they were 40 years ago,’ the Iranian president said, adding, ‘Undoubtedly, such friendly relations are in the interest of both countries and the region, and we can bring peace and stability to the region with each other.’

President Rouhani underlined that today, the three countries of Iran, Russia and Turkey have political partnerships for a major regional issue, such as Syria, and this is one of the points which has lesser record in the relations between the two countries.

Emphasizing the growing economic ties between the two countries, the president added, ‘In the direction of strengthening economic relations, in addition to government sectors, we need to bring our private sectors closer together and have great potential for cooperation in various fields, including energy, transit and port. In line with the interests of the two countries and the region, we can make the connection between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea and the Indian Ocean.”

The new Turkish Ambassador for his part, after the submission of his credentials expressed his congratulations on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and said, ‘I will use all my efforts to expand relations between the two countries in various economic, cultural and political spheres more than ever.’

The new Turkish ambassador noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey are two neighboring friends and brothers and two strong and powerful neighbors of the region and have great potentials for developing relations that we are determined to activate all of these capacities.

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