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“Ready to Intervene between Iran and Morocco,” Says Senegal’s Ambassador to Iran.

After the Senegalese Embassy was reopened in Iran and the appointment of Babacar Ba as the country’s new Ambassador to Iran, the growing trend in the political and economic relations between the two countries is visible. Babacar Ba, who tends to stay longer in Tehran, stresses that Senegal and Morocco have very strong and traditional relations with each other and his country can be an intermediary party to remove misunderstandings between Morocco and Iran. On his final days on diplomatic mission as Senegal’s Ambassador to Iran, we found a window to have an interview with him regarding the bilateral ties and his achievements in his three-year residence in Iran which ... Read More »

Iran, Senegal discuss scientific cooperation

Iranian and Senegalese officials discussed various fields of cooperation, in particular in the scientific field. Iran’s Acting Minister for International Scientific Cooperation Hossein Salar Amoli in a meeting with the Senegalese Ambassador to Iran Babacar Ba called for establishment of a branch of Iran’s Technical and Vocational Training Organization (TVTO) in Senegal, AVA Diplomatic reports. Read More »

“Senegal’s Islam Is Not Influenced by Iran and Saudi Arabia,” Says Babacar Ba.

The Republic of Senegal is a western African state whose democracy has set an example of democracy for the whole African world. Neighboring with Mauritania in the north, with Mali in the east and with Guainía and Guinea-Bissau in the south, Senegal borders with the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Senegal is somewhat of a dry nature in the north and northeast because of its adjacency to the Sahara Desert with hot, dry climate. The country’s southwest is tropical and humid. It has also been host to the Toucouleur Empire. With the influence of Muslim Arabs in Africa, Senegal majorly turned to Islam in the 11th century. Although it is ... Read More »

Zarif receives Senegal new envoy

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with Senegal new envoy, underlined Tehran’s readiness to expand ties with Senegal, AVA Diplomatic reports. Read More »

Zarif receives Algeria new envoy

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with Algeria new envoys, underlined Tehran’s readiness to expand ties with Algeria, AVA Diplomatic reports. Read More »