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“Some 97% of Refugees Live in Urban Areas,” States Sivanka Dhanapala

 The UNHCR Office was first established in 1950 by the United Nations. Once formed, UNHCR became in charge of leading and coordinating international activities to protect refugees and find solutions to their problems in every part of the globe. The UNHCR Office in Iran began its operation in 1984 and as construes the UNHCR mandate, it allocated all its work to preserve their rights and provide welfare for refugees in Iran. However, with the fast arrival of Iraqi refugees in Iran after the Gulf War in 1991 and as a result of the Taliban governance in Afghanistan in 1994 and the coming of Afghan refugees in 2001, Iran changed into ... Read More »

Spanish ambassador to Iran: Rouhani has put all his efforts into resolving Iran’s nuclear case

Pedro Vienna was born in Valencia. He decided to become a diplomat as a young man so that he could see the world in person. After years of serving as a Spanish diplomat in North Africa, he came to Iran as the new Spanish ambassador to Iran in 2011. The Spanish Ambassador, a courteous, well-mannered, and intelligent diplomat, emphasizes his efforts to establish closer ties between Iran and Spain. He also assumes his serious responsibility as to display an accurate and true image of Iran’s developments, regardless of anti-Iran propaganda spreading from the West. In a hot summer day we went to the ambassador’s office, a friendly place noticeably decorated ... Read More »