International Court of Justice Simulation Exercise

International Court of Justice Simulation Exercise

UNIC jointly with the International Studies Journal organized a Model UN Conference (MUN), simulated a session of the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) in UN Office in Tehran on 12 October 2017, AVA Diplomatic reports.

The theme of the simulation was “Certain Iranian Assets (Islamic Republic of Iran vs. United States of America)” with participation of some 45 students and professors of International law.

In his opening statement, the UNIC Information Officer Mohammad Moghadam thanked ISJ for their efforts to promote UN values while organizing MUNs and called for holding some sessions on Committees and Commissions of UN General Assembly as well as Economic and Social Council.

Then ISJ Editor-in-Chief Professor Mehdi Zakerian, briefed the participants on the importance of the MUN exercise and its rules.

University professors Dr. Seyed Hossein Sadat Meidani and Dr. Hadi Azari spoke on advocacy before the International Court of Justice and basic documents of the ICJ in practice, respectively. A video on ICJ with Persian subtitles was also screened for the group.

During the exercise, the participants were wearing the simulated ICJ judges costumes while playing the role of judges, ad-hoc judges as well as the advocates of the case regarding “Certain Iranian Assets”.

At the end Head of the Centre for International Legal Affairs of the Presidential Office Dr. Mohsen Mohebi joined the session and thanked both ISJ and UNIC for holding ICJ simulation on such as important case for Iran.

UN promotional materials were distributed to the audience.

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