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“Apitourism is Unique to Slovenia,” Says Slovenian Ambassador.

Following up on a three-year diplomatic trend, Slovenia managed to register May 20 at the UN as the World Bee Day and make it a point where the preservation and protection of pollinators, bees in particular, win the attention of various countries. On celebrating so, we found the opportunity to conduct an interview with the Ambassador of Slovenia to Iran on the importance of beekeeping and efficient use of bee products in a thorough manner which you may find below. Read More »

“Iranian Women’s Power Builds the Future,” Says Slovenian Ambassador.

The Ambassador of Slovenia to Iran is a sociologist and from that standpoint, believes that women have a deep impact on the Iranian social developments, whereas the gap between the rich and the poor is widening by day in this society and as in other countries, it too is worrisome. She also thinks that Iranians have never cut their relations with the World, esp. the West, even at the worst of times and historical crossroads, and the JCPOA created new motivations in that area. That is why the Slovenian Ambassador hopes that other parties to the JCPOA can continue their cooperation under this agreement and Slovenia, as an EU member, ... Read More »