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“Most Iranians Are Not Familiar with Africa,” States Mali’s Ambassador.

Over the past few years, Mali has achieved a considerable progress in establishing economic firms and outlets. The country’s economy is based on agriculture and just a runner-up to Nigeria, Mali is the second largest rice producer in Western Africa and a major livestock producer in the region. Given the existing potentials in this country, Mali’s Ambassador to Iran believes that Iranian and African businessmen are not well familiar with one another and such absence of awareness has barred the bilateral ties from further expansion. Read More »

“Real Image of Iranian Women Cannot Be Found on Google,” States Ira Burdyliak.

The wife of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Tehran is one of her country’s most active media figures who, given her backboned perseverance, managed to take effective steps to drive her goals to effect. For years, she hosted morning programs on the Ukrainian national TV for which she finds endeavor and perseverance influential factors. In this interview, Mrs. Burdyliak not only describes her loving perspective toward life but also stresses the role of patience and selflessness in solidifying a marriage. As the wife of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Iran, she believes the people of the two countries do not have a clear image of one another and even the image of ... Read More »

“We Are All Fidel,” Says Cuba’s Ambassador to Iran

Cuba’s name is so tied to Fidel Castro that even after months of the death of this Cuban figure, the continuation of his anti-imperialistic way in today’s world is a topic of interest to the media. Castro’s death was also widely reflected in Iran, and considering the revolutionary approach both Iran and Cuba had adopted against the West and the US in particular, it was expected that the two countries could become strategic partners in such environment and the geographical distance between them seems to be the only barrier in between. That is why we carried out an interview with Cuba’s Ambassador to Iran which is as follows. Read More »

“I Hope for Visa Cancellation between Iran and India to Be Exercised Soon,” States Indian Ambassador.

Iran and India share close ties in terms of their languages, cultures and ethnicities and these commonalities have throughout the history led to the formation of various, extensive links and relations between them. Over the recent years, following the implementation of the JCPOA and lifting sanctions against Iran, hopes have increased for economic and touristic relations to extend with more dynamic nature added thereto. To know more of the bilateral ties and the coming perspectives, we conducted an interview with India’s Ambassador to Iran which is as follows. Read More »

“The Gates of Nicaragua Are Always Open to Mr. Rouhani,” States Nicaraguan Ambassador

Over the past few years, the Nicaraguan Government arranged numerous plans aimed at the economic development of the country which is now underway while attracting foreign investments. To study the procedure of implementing the economic projects in this country and also the economic ties between Tehran and Managua in the post-JCPOA, we held an interview with Nicaragua’s Ambassador to Iran. Read More »

“Coca Is Sacred for Bolivia,” States Bolivian Charge d’Affaires

At a press conference held in southern Bolivia, the city of Tarija, Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, accused the US of manipulating statistics on the scale of coca (stem material for the production of cocaine) plantation in Bolivia and stated that this country is trying to justify its failure in drug enforcement activates by doing so, and that is why it could be said that the reports are only excuses to justify their inabilities. Apart from Mr. Morales’s statements, the plantation of coca in Bolivia and its trade are sources of income for this country which, having adopted a socialistic policy, is trying to reduce the social gaps more ... Read More »