Special Dialogs by AVA Diplomatic

“Sanctions Lifted Against Iran and Cooperation Windows Open,” Says Peter Droell.

Director for Industrial Technologies in the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Department visited Tehran heading an academic commission to attend a scientific and technological working group between Iran and the EU. He finds lack of awareness on both sides as a barrier in the way of expanding scientific and educational activities between the I. R. Iran and the EU. With an annual budget of €600mn and a team of 130, Mr. Droell tries to open new doors in scientific and educational relations between Iran and the EU. On this visit, we had a chance to have an interview with him which is as follows. Read More »

“No Unsolvable Matter Between Iran and Bulgaria,” States Tanya Mihaylova.

Having witnessed the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iran and Bulgaria, we are expecting the promotion of diplomatic and cultural collaborations once Bulgaria’s Rotating presidency of the Council of the EU begins. Following the visit of Mrs. Tanya Mihaylova, the Director of the Diplomatic Institute of Bulgaria, we had the chance to discuss the trend of educational and research cooperation between the two countries at the Bulgarian Embassy in Tehran. Read More »

“The US Government Cannot Break the Terms of the JCPOA,” Says Senator Dabakis

The visit of the US Utah Senator, Jim Dabakis to Iran became target of blazing criticism from some Iranian Conservatives and there are paradoxical speculations about the unawareness of Iranian officials of it, which is contrastive to the statement if Iran’s Minister of Intelligence at the parliament that reads the intelligence services were fully informed about Mr. Dabakis’s coming and going. In an interview with AVA Diplomatic, Sen. Dabakis explained his goals out of the visit and offered his analysis of the impact the upcoming US presidential election would have on the implementation of the JCPOA. Read More »

“President Obama Continues to Be Ready to Negotiate with Iran Based on Mutual Respect,” Says Sahar Nowrouzzadeh

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh is a member of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff and responsible for the Iran portfolio. She previously served as the Director for Iran on the National Security Council Staff at the White House. In an exclusive interview with AVA Diplomatic, originally conducted in Persian and translated into English below, she clarified how the future presidential election may affect the implementation of the JCPOA and U.S. commitments contained therein and cleared the air about some of the inaccurate information published by some outlets regarding her background. Read More »

“As Bilateral Projects Prosper, Banking Activities Will Be More Highlighted in Iran,” States Portugal’s Deputy Foreign Minister

Jorge Costa Oliveira is the Portuguese Deputy FM who visited Tehran heading a high-ranking economic delegation to evaluate mechanisms for expanding bilateral political and economic ties. To gain a better understanding of his trip and with the help of Mr. Mario Damas Nunes, Portugal’s Ambassador in Iran to arrange an appointment, we carried out an interview with Mr. Oliveira which is as follows. Read More »

“Persia Mentioned in Christian Bible and Also of Interest to Christians,” States Cardinal Turkson

His Eminence Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson was born 11 October 1948 in Nsuta Wassaw (in the Western region of Ghana, Africa). On 20 July 1975, Peter Turkson was ordained to the priesthood in the Cathedral of Saint Francis de Sales in Cape Coast, Ghana. Eighteen years later, in the same Cathedral, he was ordained and installed as the Archbishop of Cape Coast, on 27 March 1993. On 28 September 2003, Pope John Paul II named him to the Sacred College of Cardinals, and he was created a Cardinal in the public Consistory of 21 October 2003 at the Vatican. His Eminence Peter K.A. Turkson studied at St. Teresa’s Seminary ... Read More »

“Tajikistan Has Opened Doors to All Countries of the World,” States Sirojiddin Aslov

On September 9, 1991, Tajikistan declared independency of the former Soviet Union and the first to recognize its state of independence and let the country establish its first embassy was Iran. Annually, the people of Tajikistan celebrate their Independence Day by having festivals of cultural and artistic rituals performed in various cities. On the sidelines of this even, an interview has been carried out with the Foreign Minister of Tajikistan on the trends in the country’s foreign policy which you can read below. Read More »

“Disagreements between Iran and US Are Only Solvable Through Negotiations,” Says Tim Rieser.

We have been bearing witness to a détente period during President Obama’s terms of presidency between the US and Cuba. The story went as far as after 54 years, the US flag went on to wave in the embassy yard in Havana, the Cuban capital. The reopening of the embassy hosted the US Secretary of State, John Kerry and diplomatic committees from both sides. The very three veterans who had rolled down their country’s flag back in 1961 were present to cherish the rise of the honor. The cut in tensions between the two countries was made possible thanks to two US politicians, Sen. Patrick Leahy and Tim Rieser. Their ... Read More »

“Iran and Mexico’s Emerging Economies Can Cooperate with Each Other,” States Mexican Secretary of Labor

Following the economic reformations in Mexico, this Latin American country has changed the architecture of its economy from agricultural to productive. Furthermore, Mexico’s geography is what enables it to play a highlighted role in trades on both ends of the Pacific Ocean, which is a dynamic trade route. If Mexico can improve its institutional structures and make good use of its geographical position, one could expect for the Mexican people and investors to be considerably benefited by it economic growth. To study the development trend of Mexico’s economy and also the trade ties between Tehran and Mexico City, we held an interview with Mexico’s Secretary of Labor, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, ... Read More »

Gumbleton’s Narration of Hostages’ Eve inside US Embassy in Tehran

The name of Thomas J. Gumbleton, the American priest, is so linked to the happenings of the early days of the Islamic Revolution that to browse through his cultural and political activities would be impossible without taking the memories of this religious figure into account. Gumbleton is a retired Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Detroit who has years of work in peace-seeking movements and civil activities in his records. He is the founding President of Pax Christi, which is an organization known to be devoted to promote peace and has been active for over half a century now. During the capturing of the US Embassy in Tehran ... Read More »