Diplomatic Dialogs

“$30Bn Trade Prospective between Iran and Turkey Is Possible,” Says Cengiz Gursel.

The Chief Commercial Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in Tehran believes the Turkish Trade Center in Tehran can be a hub for Turkish and Iranian businessmen to gather and know one another. Also, the Iranian Trade Center in Turkey can effectively contribute to the bilateral trade ties, while the two countries have supplementary economies, and at some points, Turkey may need what Iran can offer and the other way around. Considering the potentials the two countries enjoy, hopes are there for the 30-billion-dollar perspective the President of the Republic of Turkey depicted for trade ties to Iran to become real in due time. Read More »

“The UK Government is committed to solving banking problems with Iran” Says Keith Wellings.

The UK officials say that the UK is committed to the successful implementation of the JCPOA, as it can lay the foundations for expanded political and economic relations with Iran. As mentioned by Nicolas Hopton, Former British Ambassador to Iran, trades has increased between the two countries, whilst British banks and financial institutions are still not sure about how to support trade with Iran. To learn more of the ongoing trend in the two countries’ economic relations, we interviewed with the Director of the Department of International Trade of the British Embassy in Tehran which is as follows. Read More »

“US Has to Recognize Iran’s Regional Power,” Believes Brazilian Ambassador.

Having in background the chairmanship of the Commerce and Investment Development Group of Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the appointment of the new Brazilian Ambassador is indicative of his country’s inclination to strengthen economic cooperation with Iran so once the sanctions against Iran fade more, the practical phase of it will go to effect. Politically and diplomatically, Brazil believed in a diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear case, even when sanctions were at their peak, and so, it supported the JCPOA. While there is still the debated welching possibility of the POTUS, Donald Trump out of the nuclear deal, Brazil’s Ambassador to Iran thinks the JCPOA is a UN resolution the ... Read More »

“Most Visas We Issue Are for Bali,” States Indonesian Ambassador to Iran.

Indonesia’s Ambassador to Iran is very emphatic on developing economic and trade ties to Iran and further stresses the extension of tourism between the two countries. Although he tends for a direct flight between Tehran and Jakarta to be launched, Iranian tourists mostly prefer Bali to be their leisure destination where the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean cross each other’s paths. To learn more about the processes and trend of development of economic relations between the two countries, we conducted an interview with Octavino Alimudin which you may find below. Read More »

“We Seek to Fully Extend Relations with Iran,” Says Czech Ambassador to Iran.

After two decades now, following the decision of the officials in Iran and Czech to promote the level of diplomatic ties, Mr. Čumba, resident in Iran since August, 2016 as the Czech Charge d’Affaires, was promoted and appointed as Ambassador to Tehran. A prominent diplomat, he played an outstanding role in resolving the hostage case in Lebanon and freed the abducted Czech citizens in the country, and is now working to draw a new perspective in economic and political ties between Prague and Tehran. Read More »

“This Is My Honest Honor to Be in Iran as a Representative of Serbia,” Says Serbian Ambassador to Iran.

Following the lifting of visas for Iranian citizens who wish to visit Serbia, serious, practical steps were taken to improve the political and economic relations between the two countries and with the appointment of the Serbian Ambassador to Iran and his plentiful efforts to develop trade ties between Iran and Serbia, a new perspective is being drawn between the two countries. To learn of what has been specifically done in the bilateral relations between Tehran and Belgrade, we conducted an interview with the Serbian Ambassador to Iran that you may find below. Read More »

“Algeria Seeks to Realize Democracy,” States Algerian Ambassador.

In a thorough interview with AVA Diplomatic, the Ambassador of Algeria to Iran elaborated on the efforts made to extend Algeria’s economic and cultural relations with Iran, and emphasized the principles of the Algerian revolution which aim at realizing democracy. Mr. Ahriz is on the firm belief that the Algerian officials would not tolerate any interference in their interior affairs. Read More »

“Women Face Less Violence If They Know Their Rights,” States Gary Lewis.

Continuous consultations of Iranian officials led to drafting an emergency plan to fight the sand and dust crisis in the form of a global priority. It also carried along the will of the international community to iron out a fundamental solution and to this end, Tehran hosted the first International Conference on Combating Sand and Dust Storms; an event that could have never been made possible but for the perseverance of Iranian officials and the UN representative to Iran. To learn of the various dimensions of the UN in Iran and the planning process for preventing Iran’s wetlands and environment from destruction, we conducted an interview with Mr. Gary Lewis, ... Read More »

“I Try to Improve Relations with Iran at President’s Order,” Says Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Tehran.

Sierra Leone’s new Ambassador to Iran is one of the country’s youngest politicians who also carries a role as the Ministry of Youth Affairs in his background. He is trying to mark a new chapter in his political life as one of the future candidates for Sierra Leone’s presidency. Dr. Amara Kamara stressed in his interview with AVA Diplomatic that he seeks to develop ties between Iran and Sierra Leone while not allowing this process to collide with his run-up for presidency. Read More »

“There Has Never Been A Comparison between Iran and North Korea,” Says South Korean Ambassador.

Referring to the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, the Ambassador of South Korea to Iran counts North Korean officials as main violators of international law. He also criticizes the comparison between Iran and North Korea stressing Iran has been committed to its promises in the JCPOA. Mr. Kim additionally emphasizes the development of cultural and economic ties of South Korea to Iran expressing hope we are going to see the opening of South Korea’s cultural center in Tehran and strengthening of relations between the two countries more than before. Read More »