Exclusive Interviews

“No Unsolvable Matter Between Iran and Bulgaria,” States Tanya Mihaylova.

Having witnessed the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iran and Bulgaria, we are expecting the promotion of diplomatic and cultural collaborations once Bulgaria’s Rotating presidency of the Council of the EU begins. Following the visit of Mrs. Tanya Mihaylova, the Director of the Diplomatic Institute of Bulgaria, we had the chance to discuss the trend of educational and research cooperation between the two countries at the Bulgarian Embassy in Tehran. Read More »

“Real Image of Iranian Women Cannot Be Found on Google,” States Ira Burdyliak.

The wife of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Tehran is one of her country’s most active media figures who, given her backboned perseverance, managed to take effective steps to drive her goals to effect. For years, she hosted morning programs on the Ukrainian national TV for which she finds endeavor and perseverance influential factors. In this interview, Mrs. Burdyliak not only describes her loving perspective toward life but also stresses the role of patience and selflessness in solidifying a marriage. As the wife of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Iran, she believes the people of the two countries do not have a clear image of one another and even the image of ... Read More »

“The Two Countries’ Relations Not Affected by Trump’s Government,” States South African Ambassador to Iran

South Africa enjoys the most advanced, varigated, richest agricultural economy all across Africa. Its modern, cutting-edge industries have also enabled the country to produce about 60% of the continent’s metals and be enlisted among the world’s top ten exporters of raw metals. In terms of banking and banking services, South Africa has been able to advance shoulder-to-shoulder with the bests, for it houses a large number of foreign and local banks within the country and provides the necessary services in the fields of investment, insurance, loans and so on. This is, however, contrastive as over the last decade, the country’s trades with Iran have been seriously hit by the absence ... Read More »

“Georgia’s Prime Minister Visits Iran in Near Future,” Says Georgia’s Ambassador to Iran

Ioseb Chakhvashvili is a seasoned Georgian diplomat who has taken effective steps in expanding economic and political ties between Tehran and Tbilisi during his time in Iran. After his academic studies from 1973 to 1976, he found the chance to come to Iran to work as an interpreter at Esfahan Steel Company. He was also the representative of the Soviet specialists at the municipality of Arya Shahr (now. Foulad Shahr). Chakhvashvili continued his studies in geography and became an Assistant Professor at the Tbilisi State University and after a while, given his experience, he was invited to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Later between 1999 and 2000, he ... Read More »

“We Are All Fidel,” Says Cuba’s Ambassador to Iran

Cuba’s name is so tied to Fidel Castro that even after months of the death of this Cuban figure, the continuation of his anti-imperialistic way in today’s world is a topic of interest to the media. Castro’s death was also widely reflected in Iran, and considering the revolutionary approach both Iran and Cuba had adopted against the West and the US in particular, it was expected that the two countries could become strategic partners in such environment and the geographical distance between them seems to be the only barrier in between. That is why we carried out an interview with Cuba’s Ambassador to Iran which is as follows. Read More »

“We Do Not Allow Any Other Country to Interfere with Iran-Ukraine Relations,” States Ukrainian Ambassador to Iran

In March, we will be having the joint commission for commerce and economic cooperation held between Iran and Ukraine and both countries are trying to take bigger steps in developing their economic relations. In this regard, in addition to planning for the visit of the Ukrainian President to Iran, the Ambassador of Ukraine is making progress in preparing governmental cooperation documents and a strategic pathway for the two countries at his embassy in Iran. Recognizing the 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties and studying the economic and touristic ties between the two countries, we carried out an interview with the Ambassador of Ukraine which is as follows. Read More »

“I Hope for Visa Cancellation between Iran and India to Be Exercised Soon,” States Indian Ambassador.

Iran and India share close ties in terms of their languages, cultures and ethnicities and these commonalities have throughout the history led to the formation of various, extensive links and relations between them. Over the recent years, following the implementation of the JCPOA and lifting sanctions against Iran, hopes have increased for economic and touristic relations to extend with more dynamic nature added thereto. To know more of the bilateral ties and the coming perspectives, we conducted an interview with India’s Ambassador to Iran which is as follows. Read More »

“We Are Witnessing Most Excellent Level of Relations with Iran in History,” States Slovakia’s Ambassador to Iran.

Since last year, Iran and Slovakia have been taking effective steps in extending economic and political ties; a trend realized following the mutual visits of officials from governmental and private sectors. The continuation of such path shall certainly lead to bright horizons and that is why the Slovak Ambassador seeks to make the most of the existing opportunities for enhancing relations between Tehran and Bratislava more than ever. Read More »

“We Cooperate with Iranian Authorities on Promotion of Sustainable Development Goals,” Says Maria Dotsenko

Iran is a founding member of the UN and one of the first countries in the organization to invite the establishment of the UNIC office in Tehran in 1950. United Nations Information Centers are the principal sources of information about the United Nations system and are responsible for promoting greater public understanding of and support for the aims and activities of the United Nations by disseminating information on the work of the Organization to people everywhere. To know more of the objectives and priorities of the UNIC office in Iran, we conducted an interview with Maria Dotsenko, the Director of the center in Iran which is as follows. Read More »

“British Government Appreciates Political Leadership of President Rouhani,” States UK’s Ambassador to Iran

After Hassan Rouhani won the presidential office in Iran and the UK’s role in the achievement of the JCPOA, the two countries sailed past the five-year tensions and in a recent step, sent ambassadors to their embassies to revert the diplomatic relations to the level they used to nestle at. Iran’s Hamid Baeidinejad, a senior nuclear negotiator and Britain’s Nicholas Hopton, UK’s former ambassador to Qatar and Yemen were appointed ambassadors respectively to the UK and Iran and initiated their service. In Iran, the new ambassador of the UK set his embassy’s priority at expanding economic ties and easing consular affairs which is good news to mark a brand new ... Read More »