Slovenian ambassador feels 27 on 27th anniversary of Statehood Day

A few days before the Slovenian Statehood Day, I met with the country’s Ambassador to Iran Kristina Radej, at the Slovenian embassy to review her views on the developments that had taken place in bilateral ties between the two countries, during the last two years after the reopening of Slovenian embassy in the Islamic Republic in November, 2016, AVA Diplomatic reports. Read More »

World Bee Day; what’s the ‘buzz’ about?

For the very first time ever, World Bee Day was observed on May 20 across the planet in a bid to draw attention to the role these buzzing pollinators play in food security. Tehran was also invited to celebrate the occasion at the Slovenian embassy – the country that proposed the proclamation of World Bee Day to the UN, AVA Diplomatic reports. Read More »

Slovenia to reopen Embassy in Tehran

Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Viktor Erjavec said his country is intended to reopen its embassy in Tehran following the implementation of the JCPOA and removal of sanctions against Iran, AVA Diplomatic reports. Read More »

President: Time is ripe for the development of cooperation between Tehran and Ljubljana

President Hassan Rouhani here on Monday in a meeting with the new Slovenian accredited Ambassador to Tehran Mr. Igor Jokovich referred to the JCPOA and lifting of west economic sanctions against Iran in near future and said: “We must seize the new conditions to use the opportunity and the existing capacities of the two countries to further expand the relations in all fields of mutual interests”., AVA Diplomatic reports. Read More »