Iran-Indonesia trade exchanges up by 2.5 times

Indonesian Ambassador in Tehran Octavino Alimudin highlighted Iran’s major situation in the region’s international transit, saying that Iran-Indonesia trade exchanges has increased by 2.5 times year on year, AVA Diplomatic reports. Read More »

Jakarta supporting Caspian Sea conventions

Indonesian Ambassador to Iran expressed supports for the Caspian Sea Littoral States Legal Regime conventions which were signed recently by leaders of Iran, Turkmenistan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, AVA Diplomatic reports. Read More »

Islamic Republic of Iran has any specific attention to this topic and Indonesia also as an Islamic country comprehended the importance of new Islamic civilization

Indonesian ambassador to Iran called the speeches of passed away imam and supreme leader of Revolution about new Islamic civilisation of high importance and emphasized certainly ayatollah Khamenei as the leader of Iran knows that how new Islamic civilisation who would be created in the world and based on this we should have a a specific attention to his speech, AVA Diplomatic reports. Read More »