Iran, Uruguay urge stronger ties

Iran, Uruguay urge stronger ties

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has met with Uruguay’s new Ambassador to Iran Carlos Ojeda, urging the use of all potentials to enhance Iran-Uruguay ties, AVA Diplomatic reports.During the meeting, Salehi expressed contentment over relations between Iran and Latin American countries such as Uruguay, and called for more cooperation between Tehran and Montevideo in political, economic, and cultural fields and based on the Memoranda of Understanding signed by the two countries, a statement from Iran’s Foreign Ministry said.

The Iranian foreign minister also expressed Iran’s readiness to further cooperate with and provide aid to Uruguay.

The Uruguayan Ambassador to Iran Carlos Ojeda, for his part, said he would make efforts to bring the two countries closer to each other.

The Uruguayan envoy presented his credentials to the Iranian foreign minister and expressed hope that during his time in the Islamic Republic, Iran-Uruguay ties would grow stronger based on common interests.

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