November 2017- Graduate Students of International Relations Learn More about UN

November 2017- Graduate Students of International Relations Learn More about UN

The UN Information Centre (UNIC) in Tehran held a two-session workshop on “Finding UN Information and Documentation” for some 25 graduate students of international relations from Kharazmi University on 1st and 2nd November 2017 at the UN Office in Tehran, AVA Diplomatic reports.

UNIC Reference Assistant Ms. Nazanin Ghaemmaghami addressed the participants on how to retrieve UN documentation and information from UNIC and UN websites and on the Dag Hammarskjold Library’s (DHL) web page during the workshop. She focused on achievements and history of the UN, the Member States, the main organs as well as the UN Funds, Programmes and Specialized Agencies.

Students learned how to locate different countries’ information such as their contributions to the UN regular budget and peacekeeping budget. They got familiar with the structure of the UN document symbols as well as the structure of a UN resolution. There was also an overview of important information-searching tools located through DHL resources and databases, including the United Nations Bibliographic Information System (UNBISnet) and Official Document System(ODS).

UNIC Intern Seyed Mohammad Amin Tabatabaei briefed the students on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on Goal 16 “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.”

Persian copies of the UN Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN System Chart were distributed among participants.

Dr. Farideh Mohammad Alipour the Professor of Kharazmi University, who organized the programme with the help of one of her students Mr. Abbas Javadian, found the workshop very useful.

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