On the occasion of the UN Day, University of Tehran students learned more about the UN Website

On the occasion of the UN Day, University of Tehran students learned more about the UN Website

Some 15 graduate students of International Relations from University of Tehran, Faculty of Law and Political Science participated in a “Finding UN Information and Documentation workshop” held by UN Information Centre in Tehran on the Occasion of the UN Day on 26 October 2017, AVA Diplomatic reports.

The session started with the UN Day video message of the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Then with navigating through the UN and UNIC websites, there was focus on: About the UN, Origin and History, UN Charter, historic photos and documents illustrating more than 70 years of cooperation between the United Nations and Iran with Dr. Mostafa Adle, Chairman of the Delegation from Iran, signing the UN Charter in San Francisco 26 June 1945. The participants listened to the British actor Sir Laurence Olivier reading the Preamble to the Charter of the UN as well as to the second UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold’s speech introducing a symphonic concert for UN Day 1960. He said “The road of Beethoven in his Ninth Symphony is also the road followed by the authors of the preamble of the Charter.”

UNIC Reference Assistant Nazanin Ghaemmaghami also addressed the participants on how to retrieve UN documentation and information from UN and UNIC websites and on the Dag Hammarskjold Library’s (DHL) web page during the workshop at the UN Office in Tehran.

Ms. Ghaemmaghami elaborated on basic facts about the UN and gave an overview of important information-searching tools located through DHL resources and databases, including press releases, the United Nations Bibliographic Information System (UNBISnet) and Official Document System (ODS).

The University Professor Dr. Nasrin Mosaffa organized this programme with UNIC support and expressed her satisfaction with the workshop.The students also asked for continuation of it in future.

Persian copies of the UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the UN System Chart were distributed among participants.

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