Empowering Youth and Young Entrepreneurs in Isfahan

Empowering Youth and Young Entrepreneurs in Isfahan

Youth empowerment and exchange of best practices among young entrepreneurs was a goal of the 4th International Youth and Wealth Creation Symposium organized by Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture in Isfahan on 18 and 19 October 2017, AVA Diplomatic reports.

Some 1,500 young people from all over Iran participated in this event in order to get more familiar with the successful international networking practices and to learn more about achievements of young scientists and entrepreneurs. The symposium had some key speakers as well as a few workshops held on different related subjects regarding youth and wealth creation.

The Head of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Mr. Abdolvahab Sahlabadi welcomed the participants.

UNIC Director Dr. Maria Dotsenko was one of the key speakers, and she spoke about how UN works with youth and for youth.  She said that young people are an opportunity, and an asset for development and prosperity to their countries. She continued that she is always inspired by the enthusiasm, talent and innovative ideas of well-educated and bright young people she meets in Iran. She introduced the landmark Security Council resolution on “Youth, Peace and Security” as well as the Secretary-General Youth Envoy, International Youth Day, World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY), the UN Youth Agenda and also spoke about call for Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals, Young Professionals Programme and UN Volunteer Programme. Dr. Dotsenko also spoke about what UNIC does in Iran for and with young people and invited the audience to continue discussion on UNIC’s social media (the inks can be found on UNIC website).  She also invited people to search for information on bilingual UNIC website (www.unic-ir.org).

Another key speaker was the Head of the Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and the well known exporter of pistachios, cumin and dried fruits Mr. Asadollah Asgaroladi who encouraged the young generation to work very hard and told them about his own experiences in wealth creating.

“Finding UN information through UN websites” was the topic of one of the workshops, held during the symposium by UNIC Reference Assistant Ms. Nazanin Ghaemmaghami with participation of more than 30 participants.  They learned about some basic facts about the UN, and how to find and retrieve UN information on the UNIC, and the UN websites. There was a focus on United Nations Economic and Social Council, Engaging youth: ECOSOC Youth Forum, UN Youth Delegate Programme, Measuring Youth Development through SDGs and WPAY Indicators, Fifth Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week, Regional Consultation on eCommerce for Sustainable Development, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, An employment strategy for the Islamic Republic of Iran, United Nations Industrial Organization, World Trade Organization, International Trade Centre, 2017 UN Global Compact Progress Report: Business Solutions to Sustainable Development and Youth and Sustainable Development: Quick Guide.

Hard copy of UNCTAD World Investment Report 2017 was presented to the library of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce.  Other UN promotional multimedia materials were also distributed during the symposium.

At the closing ceremony of the Symposium, another well known Isfahani entrepreneur, founder of Isfahan City Center shopping mall, Mr. Masoud Sarrami spoke about his successes and innovations and encouraged youth to be creative, engaged and innovative.

An exhibition at the side of the Symposium with the products of young people, working in medical companies, private sector, charities and non-profit organizations showing their success in sciences, IT and other technologies and businesses was visited by UNIC Director and other participants of the event.

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